Next Level Connected Play: Lightseekers is an epic Trading Card Game that connects Physical trading cards with a digital game in truly unique ways. Collect Physical Cards and scan them into your Mobile, PC and Nintendo Switch versions of Lightseekers for a truly connected play experience

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Lightseekers Uprising


At the beginning of time, Tantos was formed around the Corestone; the source of all energy in the world. The Corestone created life, with shards of it forming the first race to live on Tantos: the gigantic colossi!

Mountain Hero

The colossi’s secrets have long been lost to the past, but it is believed their civilisation came to an abrupt and violent end. After decades of war, a catastrophic event destroyed the colossi and tore the planet asunder! Even to this day, the surface of the planet bears remnants of the disaster: a network of deep scars known as the Rift.

Storm Hero

Today, there are new races inhabiting Tantos. The colossi may be forgotten, but each of these races have their own struggles, rivalries and legends! For centuries these races have lived in relative peace, but recently everything has started to change. The umbron have arrived.

Tech Hero

While the umbron may appear to just be evil beings, obsessed with destruction, whispers tell that they are part of some greater, devastating plan. Little do the inhabitants of Tantos know, but the arrival of the umbron will trigger events that unravel the mysteries of the past, create new legends and shape the planet for centuries to come.

Astral Hero

Now is the time to choose your hero, unleash your elemental powers and battle to decide the future of Tantos!

Choose Your Hero

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