About Us

Pioneering Artificial Intelligence and IoT technologies to power the future of mixed reality entertainment, education and commerce.


PlayFusion was founded by multi award winning games industry veterans behind what was formerly the UK’s largest independent games developer and publisher. Between us, we boast over 150 game and toy credits across over 300 SKU’s. Our game credits include some of the best-selling franchises in video game history.

At PlayFusion we make things. Physical. Digital. Mystical. Magical. We design experiences.  On screen. Off Screen. In between. We connect things. Toys. Digital. Television. Trans-everything. We connect people. If something's been done before, it bores us. If something we need isn't there, we invent it. If we think something is impossible, that's when the fun starts. We build dreams, pixel by pixel. We imagine. We explore. We play.

The PlayFusion Team

We developed breakthrough artificial intelligence and IoT technologies to enable unique and immersive mixed reality; entertainment, education and commerce. Together, our proprietary technologies comprise the world’s first holistic mixed reality platform.

We enable entirely new, compelling personal experiences that are seamlessly connected, telemeterized, and dynamic on the fastest, most secure, feature-rich platform on the market today.

Our team is a meritocratic group of eclectic visionaries, ninjas, scientists, wizards, code poets and gurus from the fields of games, TV & film, toys, robotics, visualization, SaaS and Business Intelligence.

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